Is democracy the price for appeasing hunters?

29 August 2014

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(1)	A black stork shot down in the afternoon of the 25th September 2013 at San Blas, Gozo. Photo by Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS).

Permanent removal of autumn hunting curfew: hunter’s delight at the raptors’ plight

12 August 2014

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Yelkouan Shearwater fledgling, photo by Ben Metzger

Yelkouan Shearwaters successfully released; appeal for less light pollution

28 July 2014

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Black-winged stilt parent keeps a close watch over newly hatched chicks at Is-Simar nature reserve. Photo by Ray Galea

First ever Black-winged Stilt chicks hatch at Is-Simar nature reserve

19 July 2014

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Legalised wild finch trapping season does not add up to a reform

16 July 2014

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BirdLife Malta staff and volunteers helping to remove one of the illegal hides built on protected Xaghri habitat inside Majjistral Nature and History Park yesterday afternoon. Photo by Rupert Masefield

Removal of illegal hunting and trapping hides from protected habitats around Malta should be priority for Environment Ministry

12 July 2014

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Rafting Scopoli's Shearwaters at Ta Cenc

Young BirdLife members enjoy close encounter with wildlife on shearwater boat trip

5 July 2014

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The Greater Flamingo that had made itself at home in at Salina, Qawra, since Wednesday 11th June flew off safely in the middle of the night yesterday. Photo by Aron Tanti

As flamingo leaves Salina Spoonbill arrives at Għadira

21 June 2014

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Two caged Linnets, a protected species, being used as decoys for illegal trapping. BirdLife Malta

Ornis recommendation to re-legalise finch trapping will set bird conservation back five years

4 June 2014

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1. Yelkouan Shearwater inside nest. Photo by Ben Metzger

Brand new behaviour recorded on shearwater nest-camera

23 May 2014

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