Safeguarding the environment through education is a long-standing tradition within BirdLife Malta.

Klabb Huttaf, the junior section within BirdLife Malta, reaches out to the young grassroots. Its bi-monthly magazine and numerous activities throughout the year are all educationally oriented, with the aim of furthering knowledge of local and global environmental issues. Beyond nurturing an appreciation of nature from a young age, Klabb Huttaf seeks to increase awareness and equip children with the knowledge they need to prevent further degradation of the environment as they grow.

Dinja Wahda is BirdLife Malta’s outward-looking educational initiative. It is a project that seeks to broaden environmental awareness and therefore develop an environmental conscience through the nation’s main children’s education institutions: primary schools. Similarly to Klabb Huttaf it covers a wide range of areas beyond ornithology. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 January 2015, 3:29:50 PM