Visiting Foresta 2000

Countryside Code

Visitors to Foresta 2000 are asked to observe a basic countryside code.

Respect should be shown to all forms of wildlife. Visitors should refrain from picking wild flowers or berries - however common these may be - or catching/handling animals. Bird hunting or trapping is forbidden as the site falls within the Ghadira Bird Sanctuary area.

To minimise trampling, one should keep to the footpaths. Many thousands of young trees, shrubs and other plants are growing at Foresta: straying from the path may result in the trampling and killing of these saplings. Only foot access is allowed: vehicles (including bicycles) are off limits. 

While stopping for a picnic is welcome, camping is not allowed on site. It is forbidden to leave any form of litter - organic or otherwise - on site. No barbecues or fires are allowed on site. Smokers are especially asked to be careful, as fire is a very real hazard at Foresta 2000, especially in the dry period.


In order to retain the wild aspect of the site, facilities are minimal.

There are no litter bins: visitors are asked to retain any litter that they generate, and dispose of it appropriately elsewhere.

There are small parking areas just outside the south and the midway gates.

There is a public toilet across the main road at the south gate.

There are two trails with footpaths, a short trail (800m) leading from the south gate uphill to St Agatha Tower on Marfa Ridge, and a longer one (2.5km) that leads west across the site and back. The footpaths are marked with colour trail markers. Due to the steep gradient of the slope, the trails are largely unsuitable for wheelchair access. 

Foresta 2000 is monitored by surveillance cameras. 

Opening hours

Foresta 2000 is open at all times, and entrance is free of charge.


Growing and maintaining a forest is expensive, so donations are always welcome. Please make cheques payable to BirdLife Malta, or make an online donation here.

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