Nature Reserves

   Grey Herons at Ghadira

 Grey Herons at the Ghadira Nature Reserve / RGalea

Birdlife Malta currently manages two nature reserves, Ghadira and Is-Simar, and also joint manages an afforestation project known as Foresta 2000 (located adjacent to Ghadira).  The two nature reserves are both wetland areas and represent the largest free-standing sources of water in Malta.

Both sites are also designated as Ramsar sites, an international designation that recognises their international importance as wetland areas. They are vital to migrating waders, waterfowl, herons and other waterbirds which use the reserves as a resting refuge during their long journeys between breeding and wintering grounds.

Both reserves are also key breeding sites for several species that breed nowhere else in Malta. Ghadira and Is-Simar, with their rare habitats, migrant and breeding birds, varied biodiversity and peaceful surroundings, truly are rare gems in Malta. They are open to the public and also serve an important educational function. 

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