Connect with Nature

Connect with Nature


BirdLife Malta's Connect with Nature campaign aims to protect areas of countryside as per our legal requirement in terms of the EU Birds Directive 79/409/EEC as a Member State of the European Union. BirdLife Malta is working hard with its partners in Europe and with the Maltese government for all  Important Bird Areas to become Special Protection Areas, as required by the EU. However, our work does not stop at identification of these sites but continues by ensuring that they are managed and monitored adequately so that they remain in a pristine condition for us all to enjoy a better environment now and in the future. Click here for more information.

Campaign aims

Connect with Nature aims to raise support for the financing of BirdLife Malta's work with the following specific aims:

  • to conduct research in the Maltese islands with the aim of identifying additional sites of international ecological importance;
  • to work towards safeguarding these sites by obtaining their legal protection status;
  • to monitor, manage and create public awareness about these sites to ensure they remain in a pristine state, thereby ensuring that we all can enjoy a better environment.

How can you become a corporate supporter?

To become a corporate supporter, please download the form and complete as indicated. As a supporter you will receive the following benefits:

  • Connect with Nature supporter certificate
  • Limited edition numbered print of a painting of Ghadira by artist Winston Hassle 
  • Annual brief on BirdLife Malta's scientific research
  • Quarterly magazine Bird's Eye View 
  • Annual guided tour of a BirdLife Malta project site for your company staff
  • Use of Connect with Nature corporate logo (see below)
Connect with Nature logo


If you would like to support the Connect with Nature campaign as an individual, please click here.

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