Elections 2013

It’s election time, and the hunting lobby is again threatening politicians with votes. They want to extend their priviliges, demanding more unjustifiable concessions. And they will, unless you take a stand.

Large swathes of public land have been given away to the hunting lobby under successive Labour Party (PL) and Nationalist Party (PN) administrations. Places like Mizieb, given to the FKNK before elections, should be nature reserves not mass graves for protected birds with restricted public access. 

Times change, but some things don’t. Before the last elections, the FKNK warned the Prime Minister: “If the spring hunting season will not be opened by whoever is in government… don’t come crying to me afterwards if hunters do not respect the law.

Politicians appeased bullies for their votes. Now they count on you not to make an issue of this when they come to you for yours.  

Successive governments have been reluctant to address the occupation of public land, environmental contamination, wildlife degradation, noise pollution and the public health and safety risks of hunting. 

The majority have said they are opposed to illegal hunting, but politicians are vulnerable before elections. They fall for the claim that hunters’ votes are tied to priviliges.

Every voice opposing that silences their threat. Stop the next round of concessions to the hunting lobby. When politicians come to you for your vote, make your demands. 

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Last Updated on Saturday, 6 April 2013, 11:18:48 AM