Take Action

Politicians know that every vote counts. When they speak to you, it is an opportunity to remind them that the occupation of public land, the widespread use of firearms in the countryside and the senseless killing of protected species are a priority.

When politicians come to you for your vote, make your demands. 

Public land


  1. Hunting and trapping be banned in nature protection areas
  2. Areas that meet the criteria should be granted protection status

Public Health & Safety


  1. ‘No-hunting’ zones next to residential areas are increased to 500 metres as opposed to 200m now
  2. Penalties should be enforced and increased for those who violate these rules



  1. People applying for hunting licenses should undergo more thorough examinations on wildlife conservation and laws, as well as the handling of shotguns for public health and safety.
  2. Penalties should fit the crime and a wildlife crime unit set up, since the violation of nature laws is largely unpunished or incurs minimum penalties.
  3. Malta should stop violating EU laws through derogations, banning hunting in spring and trapping.

Take a stand. Make Your Voice Count.


Other actions you can take:

Download the campaign banners and postcards

Share the banners and campaign news via the BirdLife Malta facebook page

Share your views & make your voice heard on the BirdLife Malta facebook group


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