Public Land

Hunting and trapping is permitted on 80 per cent of the countryside.  This can cut off public access to natural areas across most of the Islands in a country with one of the longest hunting seasons in Europe.

The occupied land is  dense with illegal  structures that authorities  insist on ignoring, while  citizens who follow  development laws are burdened with bureaucratic procedures and delays. 

"Hunting and

trapping is

permitted on

80 per cent of

the countryside."


Areas that should be protected for public enjoyment are instead allowed to become mass burial grounds for Europe’s protected birds. In the limited areas granted protection, such as Il-Majjistral Park, the authorities are still reluctant to ban hunting and trapping imposing serious limits on any conservation benefits that are ultimately in the public interest.

Politicians and interest groups often use the small size of the Islands to their benefit. You do the same and demand that more areas are designated for the protection of wildlife and public enjoyment. The countryside should be for the enjoyment of all, rather than a few.

Demand change NOW

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