Report illegal hunting


If you witness illegal hunting, please report it to the police and tell BirdLife Malta about your report. 

Please note that it is the police that can take action on illegal activities, so your direct report is important.

When you file a police report – or if you tried to file one and failed - please inform BirdLife Malta so that we can include the information in our database.

Follow the step-by-step guide to take action: 

STEP 1: The information you need to file a police report:

•    Exact location where illegal activity is happening

•    Date and time of incident (for the police to be able to act on your report, you need to call them as soon as you witness the illegality)

•    Description of activity (eg: a hunter shooting at a bird of prey)

•    Note suspect’s vehicle and license plate number, if possible

•    Note any further details that may help the police identify the suspect – details such as physical appearance and clothing. 

Please note the police are under-resourced and stretched to cope with illegal activities. Do not file a report if you do not have the necessary details to provide to the police. Seeing a bird shot down, without witnessing where the shot is coming from or the hunter, will not be enough for the police to take action.


STEP 2: How to file a police report:

•  Call 119

You may be diverted to the ALE or the local police station

•  Ask for the police badge number of person taking your call

• Take note of the police unit taking your reportALE or a local police station)

The police officer replying to the call is obliged to take your report. You do not have to go to the police station.

•  If possible, please make a follow up call to learn whether the police has taken action on your report.


STEP 3:  Inform BirdLife Malta of the outcome: 

Tel: (+00356) 21347646

It is important that you state your name and surname, place of residence (name of town you reside in is enough) and provide a valid e-mail address or telephone number. We cannot consider your report for inclusion in our database unless you do. Your personal details will not be made public and will be protected in line with the Data Protection Act (Chapter 440)

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