Report illegal hunting


Spring Hunting Season 2015


The hunting season opens from

Tuesday 14 April - Thursday 30 April (both days included). 


Any illegalities are to be reported to:

Police: 119

BirdLife Malta: 2134 7644/5/6 or on emergency number 7925 5697  


When is hunting allowed? 

  • From 14 - 30 April (both days inclusive)
  • Monday - Friday: from 2hrs before sunrise until 14:00
  • On Saturdays and Sundays, until 12:00


Which birds can be hunted?

  • Only two types of bird: turtle dove and quail
  • Each hunter may shoot only two birds per day 
  • Each hunter may shoot four birds in the whole season
  • If a hunter reaches his quota of four birds during the season, he can no longer hunt
  • For every caught bird, hunters are required by law to declare what they have shot - to fill in the Carnet de Chasse and send an SMS to the Wild Birds Regulation Unit before leaving the hunting zone.


Where is hunting allowed?

  • It is illegal to hunt at designated Bird Sanctuaries (e.g. Buskett, Girgenti, Salina).
  • It is illegal to hunt at sea (i.e. on board a seacraft).
  • It is illegal to hunt within 50m of main roads and beaches and within 200m of residential areas.
  • Hunters may use public land, however they may only use private property with permission of owner


Who is permitted to hunt?

  • Hunters who applied for a special spring hunting license, i.e. those who are over 18 years of age and are granted a license from the Wild Birds Regulation Unit
  • The licensee is required to carry on his person the Spring Hunting License, a mobile phone, Carnet De Chasse booklet and a pen whilst hunting


What is not allowed while hunting?

  • The use of live or fake decoys of any birds except for Turtle Dove or Quail.
  • The use of electronic recordings/calls meant to lure birds to hunting areas in any form (tape, CD, MP3).
  • The use of guns capable of firing than 3 shots in succession
  • The use of any other form of modified and unlicensed shotgun



  • Trapping in any form and for any species is not allowed. This includes even any nets laid down on trapping sites. 

Download this information in English

Download this information in Maltese 


If you witness or know about any illegal hunting it is important to first report to the Police, and than BirdLife Malta.

Police: 119
BirdLife Malta: 2134 7644 /5/6

If you need any extra help, download a step by step guide on how to report illegal hunting to the police

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