How to file a police report




How to file a police report:

•  Call 21 22 40 01- general police switchboard

You will probably be diverted to the ALE or district police (local police station).

Call the ALE direct 22 94 21 61 / 2 / 3

•  Ask for the police badge number of person taking your call

The police officer replying to the call is obliged to take your report. You do not have to go to the police station.

Take note of the police unit (ALE or district police) taking your report.

If it is the district police taking your report, also take note of the police station where the person taking your report is based.

•  If possible, please make a follow up call to learn whether the police has taken action on your report.

•  Inform BirdLife Malta of the outcome

STEP 2: The information you need to file a police report 


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