Information needed


The information you need to file a police report:

•    Exact location where illegal activity is happening

•    Date and time of incident (for the police to be able to act on your report, you need to call them as soon as you witness the illegality)

•    Description of activity (eg: a hunter shooting at a bird of prey)

•    Note suspect’s vehicle and license plate number, if possible

•    Note any further details that may help the police identify the suspect – details such as physical appearance and clothing. 

Please note the police are under-resourced and stretched to cope with illegal activities. Do not file a report if you do not have the necessary details to provide to the police. Seeing a bird shot down, without witnessing where the shot is coming from or the hunter, will not be enough for the police to take action.

STEP 3: Now tell BirdLife Malta about the report 


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