Eye Witness Statements 2011


L Bonello Boissevain, Majjistral

My daughter was recently looking forward to a long-awaited school outing to Il-Majjistral Nature and History park. It was going to be a nice long and healthy walk admiring the beauty of the dwindling Maltese flora and fauna. I was extremely surprised when she told me the day before that the outing had been cancelled due to hunting season as this could pose a threat to the children.

Extract from The Times online. Read full extract here

C.J. Williams, Delimara

Please be informed that hunting has not stopped (at least in Delimara) on Sunday.

Last Sunday, April 17, hunting was widespread over the entire area from the time I arrived there at 9.20 a.m. to my departure at about noon.

The police were informed at 9.27 a.m. and I was told the report would be passed on. The hunting continued and the police were informed again at 10.37 a.m. This time I was told the Administrative Law Enforcement unit would be informed.

The ALE did respond. I was asked to meet them, which I did, but the two officers told me it was extremely difficult to catch the culprits as they see the vehicle appearing and hide their guns.

The officers told me they had heard shots in the area from three different locations and would check it out. I pointed out two other locations from which shots had come. Just after they left, another shot rang out, then there was about an hour’s silence and then shooting resumed.

Extract from The Times online, read more here.

M. Muscat, Dwejra, Victoria Lines

At 11.05, I saw the bird again fly in my direction where I was sitting by a wall enjoying some countryside peace and the rare sight of such a bird. But the bird flew away towards a nearby tree about 100 meters away. Within seconds I heard gunshots coming from the vicinity of the tree and saw feathers fly in the wind. I searched for the bird and found it as you see it in the photo below.


22.03.2011 - 29.03.2011
W. Roberts, Marsalforn - Xaghra

Just to let you know there are at least two active trapping stations between Marsalforn and Xaghra - beneath the cliffs, just off the path that runs along the coast.
Both are within sight of the path - I am surprised the police have not closed them down. Both consist of large nets on a cleared area and an observation hut.
I witnessed men at both locations on seperate days during the last week. (22-29th March)

09.03.2011 - 10.03.2011

A, Muench, Germany

I was working in Dwejra, right above the Inland sea at the corner to an old quarry. There I was chased away by an old man, who swore and insulted me, saying that I was on private property and this was dangerous for me. I saw that he came out of a little shed 3 metres above me on a little hill. He had these little cages with single birds inside (hill on the left side of the entrance to an old quarry). I told him that I did not want to do any harm and would like to know what he is doing, also told him that I was NOT on private property and that I am just collecting photos of plants for nature conservation. He got VERY angry and came down to me quickly with his fist waving. I took out my pepperspray and he stopped. We both decided to go different ways.

One day later I walked along the path that is leading up the hill south of the bay of Fungus rock and goes along the border area to the cliffs straight to the southeast edge of Special Area of Conservation Dwejra. There I passed many trappers (about 3 trapping sites ). Down at the very southeast point of the conservation area I met two boys burning weeds to enlarge their trapping area. This area was really big and signed as private property and fenced with a limestone wall. They were also trapping nearby.


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