Raptor Camp

Illegal Hunting Surveillance and Migration Monitoring

16th-30th September 2012


Raptor Camp 2012 Daily Updates: news from the camp

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What is illegal?

Birds which may be hunted

Volunteers keep their eyes on the skies at Raptor

About the camp

Since the late 1990s, BirdLife Malta has organised a camp during the annual autumn raptor migration period. Being located on the central Mediterranean flyway, Malta is an excellent stop-over for many European bird of prey species on their way South to Africa. Migration of raptors normally reaches a peak during the last two weeks of September, with many birds falling victim to illegal hunting during this period when a hunting season is open.

Over the years, the camp has become an excellent tool for protecting European birds of prey as they migrate over Malta and seek shelter for the night. With the participation of both local and international volunteers, the camp aims to deter illegal hunting activity and collect data on bird migration. This is no bird watching holiday, but a serious conservation effort!

Raptor Camp 2012 Daily Updates: news from the camp Follow what's happening in the skies over Malta with these daily updates from our teams in the Maltese countryside.

You can help stop illegal hunting:  Report illegal hunting to the police. Find out how here.

What is illegal?

Birds which may be hunted: A list of those species which may be legally hunted.

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