Maltese Personalities Stand Up

Maltese personalities stand up


In February 2008, thirteen Maltese personalities from all walks of life joined BirdLife Malta's call to Government and Opposition to end illegal spring hunting in Malta once and for all. In an action addressed to Dr. Gonzi and Dr. Sant (then leaders of the two political parties that were represented in Parliament), these individuals asked that the call of the overwhelming majority of Maltese to end spring hunting in Malta is respected immediately without the need to pursue the matter in front of the European Court of Justice. Dr Gonzi has been re-elected as Malta's Prime Minister and therefore BirdLife Malta reiterates its appeal to him to stop illegal spring hunting once and for all from 2008 onwards.

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What can YOU do to help this campaign?

  • Write an email to Dr. Gonzi urging him to call an end to spring hunting once and for all, without the need to pursue the matter in front of the European Court of Justice. 
  • Show your support for BirdLife's campaign and donate now!
  • If you're not a BirdLife Malta member, why not join now?
  • Why not upload a banner to your webpage to show your support for the stop illegal spring hunting campaign? Don't forget to link it back to BirdLife Malta's website. (The banners can be found at the bottom of this page).

Pauline Agius - TV Presenter  

Pauline Agius is one of the fresh faces on Maltese TV. She currently presents one of the main programmes for adolescents on Maltese television.


Andrew Borg Cardona - Columnist

Andrew Borg Cardona is a regular contributor to the Times of Malta under what must be the least efficient pseudonym in the history of Maltese journalism, “I.M. Beck”.


Celia Borg Cardona - Artist

Celia Borg Cardona is a well-known Maltese artist, who has exhibited overseas on numerous occasions. Her preferred medium is oil paint but she also works frequently in acrylics, oil pastels and three dimensional media. Some of her works can be viewed on her website.


Ray Calleja - Presenter/Actor

Ray Calleja is one of Malta's most loved TV and radio presenters. He's also a well-known actor, having participated in theatre productions, international cinema productions, and most recently the star of a one-man TV show in which he plays a phenomenal number of characters!


Moira Delia - TV Presenter/Animal Activist

Moira Delia is a leading female TV Presenter and is also well-known for her hard work towards the protection of animals on the island. She currently hosts a TV programme called Puss in Boots which perfectly combines her two passions since it focuses on the animal kingdom.


Gianni - Entertainer

Going simply by the name of Gianni, he is Malta's most loved 'wild child', thrilling generations of youngsters with his antics. Gianni is also a radio and TV presenter as well as fronting a rock band, Rug.


Prof. Edward Mallia - Physicist
A physicist by profession, Professor Edward Mallia's passion has always been the environment and its protection. He is, in fact, one of the pioneers in environmental activism in Malta and was one of the original members of Zghazagh ghall-Ambjent which is now Friends of the Earth (Malta) and of which Prof. Mallia is the Honorary Chairman.


Alan Montanaro - Actor / Teacher

Alan Montanaro, an honours graduate of the Manoel Theatre Academy of Dramatic Arts and a theatrical stalwart in Malta, has wooed theatre-goes of all ages and his writing skills have delighted readers and audiences alike. He is currently Chairman of the MADC, and Principal of the acclaimed Helen O'Grady Academy.


Sarah Puntan-Galea - Journalist
Sarah Puntan-Galea has become a firm fixture on the journalist scene in Malta after moving here four years ago. A politial scientist by profession, she worked as a news reporter for The Independent, and assitant editor of The Sunday Times, before becoming editor of Malta's favourite lifestyle magazine, the Sunday Circle, and columnist for The Economic Update.


Renzo Spiteri - Musician
Renzo Spiteri is one of Malta's leading percussionists both locally and abroad, renowned for his innovative creations. He has performed with international artistes from across the globe and is firmly committed to using the universal language of music to bring different cultures together.



Maurice Tanti Burlò - Artist/Cartoonist

An accomplished artist, Maurice Tanti Burlò is mostly known for his political cartoons which always seem to hit the nail on the head! His work may be admired in the Sunday Times of Malta and in the Times of Malta Daily under the signatures Nalizpelra and MTB.



Winston J. Zahra - Hotelier

Winston J. Zahra is Director of Operations, Sales and Marketing of one of Malta's leading hotel and hospitality operators in Malta, the Island Hotels Group. Winston also occupied the post of President of the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA).



Kenneth Zammit Tabona - Artist
Kenneth Zammit Tabona is a leading Maltese artist who is renowned for his nostalgic depictions of traditional Maltese life and his vivid watercolour landscapes. Kenneth maintains a regular opinion column in the Times of Malta and reviews music, drama and books for its weekly cultural supplement.



The Photographer
Ben Borg Cardona

Ben Borg Cardona took all the images for this action. Ben works as a photojournalist for the Malta Independent and for AFP.


The press release referring to the launch of the action  detailed above can be found here. For more information on the issue of spring hunting in Malta please click here.

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