Dinja Wahda

What's Dinja Wahda?

Have you ever heard of Dinja Wahda? You probably did! Maybe you already had fun doing Dinja Wahda at school last year. Wow, that's great!

Dinja Wahda is BirdLife's BIG GREEN SCHOOL PROJECT and it's just for primary school kids.

Dinja Wahda is full of activities, full of fun and action for your class and for your school. There's visits to nature reserves, there's recycling, there's art, there's craft, there's games and lots more.

It's important!

But Dinja Wahda is not just fun. It's also VERY important.

When you do Dinja Wahda you LEARN about nature, you learn about animals and plants and the environment. Also, when you do Dinja Wahda you HELP the environment. The environment is in BIG trouble and it needs our help.

And if the environment is in trouble, oh dear! then WE humans are in trouble too! And ALL life on earth is in trouble!

That's why we HAVE to help. That's why we do Dinja Wahda.

Join in the fun!

So next time you see the balloon planet picture in your school, it means Dinja Wahda is ON! Ask your teacher about it, and make sure your class joins in the fun.

Please click here to access the teachers' section of Dinja Wahda.




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