Make a Pom Pom Bird

Here's how to make cuddly pompom birds to brighten up your room with colour and movement.

You will need:

  • wool thread in three colours: orange, white and brown (to make a robin)
  • card
  • 2 buttons (for the eyes)
  • scissors, pencil, glue

Step 1

Cut a disk of card 5cm across. Cut a round hole with 2cm diameter in the centre of the disk. Make another disk exactly like the first one.



Step 2

Place the two disks on top each other, like a round sandwich ring.

Step 3

With a pencil, mark the ring into three sections. These are your colour guides.

Step 4

 Starting with any of the three colours, wind wool round and round the ring, passing through the middle hole every time. Repeat many times. Change colour and repeat for the next section, and then the next until all the ring is thickly covered with wool. The more wool you use, the fluffier the pompom will be.

Step 5

 Uncover a bit of the card, slip the point of the scissors between the two disks and cut around, keeping the scissors between the cardboard all the time. If you can¹t cut all the wool in one go, do it a few layers at a time.

Step 6

Carefully prise apart the disks and insert a piece of string between the disks and tie the strands of wool between the two disks. Make a firm knot.


Step 7

 Now pull the disks out completely and fluff out the pompom into a neat woollen ball. Trim off any bits sticking out. To make the eyes, stick the buttons (you can also buy ready-made eyes) on the orange part. To make the beak, cut out a small triangle of black card and stick it on with glue or tape. That’s it!

Step 8

You can also add details like wings and tail, which you can make from card and stick them onto your pompoms. If you play around with other coloured wool you can make different birds. Hang up your pompoms in your room or take them to school and get your friends to make some for your classroom.

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 November 2011, 7:04:59 PM