Our Supporters

Support in the form of sponsorships and partnership agreements with local and international companies and organisations is important for BirdLife Malta to carry out its conservation, research and education work effectively. However, it is a well-known fact that certain companies and indeed entire industries cause serious negative impact on the social and natural environment through their daily operations. Therefore, it is only after companies undergo a thorough vetting process that BirdLife Malta can accept such support, whether financial or in kind.

If you are interested in supporting BirdLife Malta, kindly contact us for more information.

Our Supporters

Bank of Valletta 

Bank of Valletta supported BirdLife Malta as our education partner from 2007-2014. 

The support to the Dinja Wahda programme offered by Bank of Valletta allowed BirdLife Malta to educate the children through a hands-on approach by involving them in exciting environment related activities. As part of these activities over 5,000 children each year visit the Ghadira and is-Simar nature reserves to learn in our outdoor classroom setting.


LUSH has sponsored BirdLife Malta’s Autumn Raptor Camp in September 2008. Through this agreement BirdLife Malta was able to provide security to the camp volunteers, undertake undercover surveillance of illegal poachers and provide communication equipment to assist in the coordination of logistics ensuring the camp’s effectiveness.

The camp, with the help of LUSH sponsorship, proved to be extremely sucuccesful in curtailing illegal hunting in the areas under surveillance by camp volunteers. For more details on the results of the Raptor Camp 08 click here.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Dutch Embassy is sponsoring BirdLife Malta’s scientific research work on bird migration over the Maltese islands. BirdLife Malta will be purchasing ringing software to help analyse important data on bird migration.

Through this support, BirdLife Malta will be in a position, like all its European counterparts, to provide data to a central European database for analysis by local and international scientists. Over 500,000 records of ringed birds and many more on bird sightings spanning over 40 years will be digitised through this agreement.


Endeavour is supporting BirdLife Malta by providing service as our online payment gateway. Endeavour and BirdLife Malta have been collaborating in this manner for over 7 years.

Through this support, BirdLife Malta is allowed to receive online payment for membership and for other services. Moreover, Endeavour does not charge BirdLife Malta any commission on the transactions which take place through our online system. In this manner, more income from membership fees received by our organisation is put into our conservation and education efforts.

GISED – Global Institute for Sustainable Development 

GISED has offered a generous donation to BirdLife Malta immediately after our Foresta 2000 site was destroyed by vandals. On the night of 8-9 May 2007 a group of criminals destroyed 3000 trees. They uprooted, broke or sawed them off one by one, methodically to damage what is planned to become Malta’s largest forest.

The kind efforts from GISED, will assist BirdLife Malta repair this damage and regain the lost work and the lost trees. Foresta 2000 began as BirdLife's gift to the third millennium, an afforestation dream that is planned to become Malta's biggest woodland.


HSBC sponsored the EU LIFE Yelkouan Shearwater Project which was launched in March 2007. Through this support BirdLife Malta worked to safeguard this protected species and improve the Rdum tal-Madonna site in the North of Malta for wildlife and visitors.

The financial contribution offered by HSBC over the course of this four year project helped the project team to achieve their aim of reversing the population decline of Yelkouan Shearwaters in Malta. 



Waldonet has sponsored the upgrade of BirdLife Malta’s internet connectivity at its offices in Ta’ Xbiex. BirdLife Malta’s offices have now been upgraded with the fastest connection speed available on the islands.  

Waldonet has been one of BirdLife Malta’s supporter for several years and provides an entire package for its internet connectivity needs including a broadband internet connection, email service for all employees and hosting of its website. 


APS Bank Ltd

APS Bank Ltd has supported BirdLife Malta in building the visitor centre at our Simar Nature Reserve in Xemxija. Through this support BirdLife Malta built a shop and a hide where school children and the public are given nature talks prior to going on tour. APS Bank Ltd continues to support efforts to improve the Simar Nature Reserve.    


EnvironmentJob advertises all of our volunteer and internship opportunities without charge, allowing us to reach international applicants who provide excellent support in the conservation work we carry out.  With their assistance we have been able to recruit some fantastic volunteers for a variety of roles at BirdLife Malta.

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