Feedback Form

Please click here to download the feedback form.

The filled in form is to be sent by email together with the activity photos to In the subject field please write: 'FEEDBACK FORM: Activity [number + name of activity]'


1) You need to send photos of ALL the different steps of the activity in order to get the full points. Check what photos are required towards the bottom of the activity page on the Action Guide.

2) Photos are enough; no need to send the actual children's work. Rather it would be better if the children kept it as a reminder of what they learned.

3) If you are using photocopies/ printed feedback forms, do not put them in any type of binding. 

4) If you are going to send multiple feedback forms by post at one go, classify any photos on CD by activity (in digital folders).

5) Keep photos of different activities separate. Do not put them all together in a power point or video format.


DEADLINE for submission of feedback forms:  JUNE 2014

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