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28 February 2010

Project fieldworkers have met trappers throughout Malta. The ensuing discussions revealed that for many trappers, different activities which make up trapping, such as keeping and breeding birds, could still continue even after trapping ends in the Maltese Islands. (Maltese article). Read more…

Alternative future for trappers

18 December 2009

Staff of the LIFE+ Project on Bird Migration and Trapping met with trappers to talk about the current situation and it became clear that for many trappers the actual trapping is just one part of a larger hobby. This article explores how their passion for birds can continue without trapping. Read more…

New waste targets, old trappings

22 November 2009

Follow-up from a journalist who attended the international seminar organised by Birdlife Malta under the Life Plus programme. See what she has to say here. Read more…


The environmental cost of trapping

16 September 2009

Apart from its impact on Maltese and European birdlife, such a large-scale activity (A MEPA survey reveals over 7,000 trapping sites scattered across the island) is bound to have some form of impact on the countryside itself. Trapping requires the construction of sites which significantly disturb the surrounding landscape and many of these trapping sites are situated in some of the richest areas for biodiversity on the Maltese islands. Read more…

Trapping laws may result in more infringements

6 September 2009

Malta is risking new infringement procedures over hunting and trapping after the Ornis Committee announced dates for the “taking” of 4 bird species, despite the fact that trapping is not permitted under the Birds Directive. Dates for the trapping of Turtle Dove and Quail, and for Song Thrush and Golden Plover were set. Read more…


Malta u l-passa tal-ghasafar

14 June 2009

Malta is on one of the three main migratory flyways used by birds to travel between Africa and Europe twice yearly. Malta used to have breeding species of finches, and other central Mediterranean islands still do, now that trapping must stop finches will have the chance to once again breed here too. Read more…


Trapping is worse than hunting

7 June 2009

Prior to joining the EU Malta negotiated a five-year transition period to phase out trapping of finches. Through dialogue trappers should have been made aware of the impending change in legislation by the authorities, however come 2009 many trappers were still unaware of the coming change. Read more…

A much awaited end to trapping

April 2009

An overview of the background of trapping, problems associated with trapping, and the relevant legislation. Read more…

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