Latest material - download the EU LIFE+ Project on Bird Migration and Trapping Layman's Report titled 'A step forward – Conservation on a migratory stop-over'. The report details the conservation and legal implications of trapping, a brief history of trapping, and the project conclusions.

The LIFE+ Project has produced and distributed an informative calendar about trapping in the Maltese islands.

Download an English copy of the calendar here – front & back.

Download a Maltese copy of the calendar here - front & back.

Watch Oikos, the project's TV series on YouTube

Download the bird migration poster here - English or Maltese.

Childrens stickers

Download the Greenfinch sticker here.

Download the Chaffinch sticker here.

Download the Linnet sticker here.

If you would like an overview of the situation regarding trapping in Malta, view the project's Layman's Report.

EU Life+ Project on Bird Migration and Trapping: Final Report

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