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Study shows increase in finch numbers

22 February 2010

A study by the EU LIFE+ Project on Bird Migration and Trapping revealed that the number of finches (Ghasafar tal-ghana) recorded in the Maltese countryside increased dramatically in the first year of the trapping ban in 2009, compared to 2008 when finch trapping was still permitted. Read more…

International seminar discusses alternatives to trapping

11 November 2009

Ornithologists, conservationists and bird lovers met today during an international seminar organised by LIFE+ information Project on Bird Migration and Trapping in Valletta to discuss ways for Maltese trappers to continue enjoying birds without harming wild populations or the natural countryside where they live. Read more…

International seminar on bird trapping to be held in Malta

7 November 2009

Local and international participants will be meeting in Valletta next Wednesday for an international seminar on trapping organized by the EU LIFE+ Project on Bird Migration and Trapping. The participants include Professor Bruno Massa, from the University of Palermo and Mr. Patrick Wegerdt from the Infringements Unit of the European Commission. Read more…

Same illegal trapper caught again

1st October 2009

The same illegal wader trapper who was apprehended and booked by the police following a report by BirdLife Malta two weeks ago, was caught by the police on Tuesday for continuing the illegal trapping of protected birds at the same site. Read more…

Illegal wader trapping continuous throughout summer

27th August 2009

Malta today protested against the ongoing illegal trapping of protected waders which has been taking place regularly at several locations over the past two months. Read more…

Illegal trapping recorded in 60 locations

17th June 2009

A recent analysis of data collected by BirdLife Malta fieldworkers since January shows that illegal trapping incidences have been recorded in 60 different locations in Malta and Gozo. This is despite the fact that this year the trapping season has not been opened as required by the EU Accession Treaty agreement signed by Malta and the European Commission. Read more…


Trapping sites readied for spring migration despite Accession Treaty

3rd March 2009

Malta today revealed photos and footage showing trapping sites across Malta being readied for another trapping season as the finch spring migration begins. Despite the Accession Treaty Agreement forbidding trapping beyond 2009, which Malta signed before it joined the EU, nets are still being set in place and vegetation is being cleared. Read more…


FKNK wants to extend trapping despite Accession Treaty agreement

21st February 2009

Following FKNK’s demands in January to the Maltese Ornis Committee to continue trapping in Malta, BirdLife Malta last Tuesday presented a briefing paper on trapping to the Committee, which outlines the negative impacts of trapping on Malta’s wild life and the legally binding agreements to phase out trapping signed by Malta and the European Commission before Malta joined the EU. Read more…


BirdLife releases official documents showing MEPA's commitment for the LIFE + Project

10th February 2009

Official documents revealing MEPA’s legally binding commitments to the EU LIFE + Project on Bird Migration and Trapping were released today by BirdLife Malta to counter the Authority’s public disassociation from the project. 

Billboards are launched as part of new EU LIFE + Project

31 January 2009

As part of the new EU LIFE + Project on Bird Migration and Trapping six billboards have been erected across Malta with the message "Gawdihom Hielsa" (Enjoy them free). The billboards show an empty trapper's cage and three free finches, which are the main targets of trappers, sitting on top of the billboards. Read more...

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