Lifelong Learning through Nature

Lifelong Learning through Nature is a collaborative partnership project between BirdLife Malta, the Ministry for Education and Employment (Malta), the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (UK), BirdWatch Ireland, and the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds.

What will the project do?

Over three years LLN will develop an environmental and sustainability education programme which engages young people aged 5-21 in Malta, through formal education, vocational training courses, non-formal and informal education.

This work will be achieved by enhancing transnational cooperation between education and training providers and other stakeholders. By working together we can share best practice and learn from each other to develop transferable resources suitable for the different age groups.

The project aims show the importance of connection with nature for health, well-being and education.

Objectives of the project

This project will work to play a part in addressing the EU 2020 objectives;

It will do this by providing learning opportunities for young people including academics, low achievers, those with behavioural or learning difficulties, and those who would rather learn through vocational studies. The current school structure does not suit all young people and alternatives need to be provided to allow the continuation of learning in alternative settings. If young people are suitably engaged they will wish to continue their studies to remain involved in the programme. The pathways of lifelong learning will also be supported by developing links between formal, non-formal and informal learning.

Sharing lessons learnt

Innovative ideas, resources and teacher training will be developed, trailed and implemented in Malta with input from all project partners. Following a review the lessons learnt will then be shared and relevant programme ideas will then be developed and expanded to be implemented in both Ireland and Poland.